Cyprus Ports & Terminals

Amathus Aegeas Ltd provides all of its services in all Cyprus ports.

Limassol Port

Co-ordinates: Lat 34* 39’N, Long 33* 01’E
Berth: 4 Quays of 1980m total length
Max Draft: 14m
Max LOA: 400m
Depth of Water
Entrance channel: 17
Ship turning circle: 15m
Northern: 11m, Western: 11m-13m-14m
Eastern: 11m, Southern 14m, Ramp: 14m

Larnaca Port

Co-ordinates: Lat 34* 55’N, Long 33* 38’E
Berth: 2 Quays of 666m length (South Quay: 340m, North Quay: 326m)
Max Draft: 11,4m
Max LOA: 270m
Depth of Water
Entrance channel: 12m
Ship turning circle: 12m
South Quay: 12m, North Quay: 10m

Larnaca Oil Terminal

Three buoys for vessels up to 65.000 tonnes displacement
Two buoys for vessels up to 17.000 tonnes displacement
Berthing restrictions:
Berthing during daylight only
Max Draft: 12,8m
Max LOA: 215m (large mooring), 150m (small mooring)
Max DWT: 65.000 tonnes (large mooring), 17.000 tonnes (small mooring)
Depth of Water:15m
Number of Hoses:1x8” (AG0/HGO), 1X8” (Jet A1)
Av. Discharge rate:1000cbm per/h

VTTV Terminal (Vassiliko)

Co-ordinates: Lat 34* 43’ 24.2*N, Long 33* 18’ 36.27”E
Berth: Jetty extends off-shore 1200m with 5 berths
Max Draft:
Berths 1+2: 18.1m
Berths 3+4: 13.2m
Berth 5: 7.5m, inside Vassiliko port
Max LOA:
Berths 1+2: 280m
Berths 3+4: 200m
Berth 5: 125m, inside Vassiliko port
Max DWT:
Berths 1+2: 50k – 160k DWT Vessels
Berths 3+4: 10k – 50k DWT Vessels
Berth 5: <10k DWT Vessels, Inside Vassiliko port

Vassiliko EAC Terminal

Co-ordinates: Lat 34* 42’ 33.5”N, Long 33* 17’ 0.87”E
Berth: Single buoy open sea berth
Berthing restrictions:
Berthing during daylight only
Max Draft: 13, 9 m
Max LOA: 260m
Max DWT: 80,000 tonnes
Depth of water: 32m
Number of Hoses: 1x16” (gasoil), 2x16” (fuel oil)
Av. Discharge rate: 1300 cbm per/h gasoil, 1500 cbm per/h fuel oil
Av. Loading/discharge rate:
Berth 1- 4: 2500 cbm per/h
Berth 5: 800 cbm per/h

Dhekelia EAC Terminal

Co-ordinates: Lat 34* 58’ 29”N, Long 33* 45’ 10”E
Berth: Three buoy open sea berths
Berthing Restrictions: Berthing during daylight only
Max Draft: 12,5m
Max LOA: 224m
Max DWT: 50.000 tonnes
Depth of water: 16m
Number of Hoses: 1x12”
Av.discharge rate: 800 – 1000 cbm per/h

RAF Akrotiri Terminal

Co-ordinates: Lat 34* 34.807’N, Long 33* 02.068’E
Berth: Multi-buoy mooring of 4 buoys each requiring 2 rope lines
Berthing Restrictions: Berthing during daylight only
Max Draft: 12m
Max LOA: 195m
Max DWT: In accordance with Max Draft restrictions
Number of Hoses: 2x8”
Av. Discharge rate: 1000 cbm per/h


Cyprus Ports & Terminals

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The company is IMS (ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001) certified by LRQA (Lloyd’s Register) and is a member of THLG (The Heavy Lift Group), the Cyprus Shipping Association, the International Freight Forwarding Association, the International Air Transport Association. Through its parent company Amathus Corporation Ltd, Amathus Aegeas is also FPAL registered (supplier number 10054007) and is a member of IADC (International Oil Drilling Contractors).
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